Welcome to publishing!

The publishing industry is always evolving and there is always something new on the market and as of this moment, that could be you!

At TamaRe House, we pride ourselves on helping authors accomplish their dream and help them to self-publish their book, while sorting out all the details for you, so you needn’t worry.

TamaRe House publishes a wide range of books from children’s books to business books, historical fiction to lifestyle books. Having publishing over 800 books, the wealth of experience and expertise is undeniable. Publishing through TamaRe House is the perfect fit for any author, especially if this is your debut book.

Some of the specific details that TamaRe House deals with are the editorial aspects of the publishing process, so copy-writing, proofreading, etc, but we also offer just as important services such as book cover design, marketing, e-book publishing and lots more. We are able to publish worldwide and to your exact specifications.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, visit the TamaRe House website for more information or contact me using the details on my About or Contact page.

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